There is no greater power than that of the pen.The pen has expressed love, hate, scorn, and joy since before we had ink.My pen is a magic device that can be plugged directly into your soul; it can express things in places where the spoken word falls short.Yusef Wateef
  沒有一種力量比筆(書寫傳遞出來的力量)來得更強大。在人發明墨水之前,人們已經在用筆來表達他們的愛,恨,諷刺以及歡樂。我的筆是一個神奇的東西,它可以直接深入你的靈魂;當言語無法表達的時候,通過筆的書寫可以傳情達意。  (原標題:As powerful as my pen is)


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